Saturday, 05 February 2011


I promise that once a year from now on I will get a few friends together to go to the races. What a fabulous day we had at Kenilworth this afternoon. The last time I went to the races was about 15 years ago I think when I went with a few of my girlfriends (I think it was for my birthday??) and we had a wonderful time then too.

The Kenilworth Race Course has had a major revamp and is looking quite swish. We went into the main dining area which has a perfect view over the race track, with a breathtaking backdrop of all our beautiful mountains. The tote is in the dining room so placing ones bet and more importantly collecting ones winnings is made very easy. On one side of the dining area, there is a balcony where you can go out and view the horses being paraded around just before they are about to race. The buffet that they serve there was outstanding, so all in all they make it really comfortable for their punters to enjoy themselves.

Peter did not want to join us, so I went with Janice and Bill who are visiting South Africa from the UK. We met up with a couple of their friends who happen to be out here at the same time, and had lots of fun choosing our horses, be it by lucky numbers, names we fancied, the colour of the horse, or in my case I backed all the rank outsiders and of course horse No. 7.

Peter gave me the number 7 as I left home, saying that was the lucky number for the afternoon, and as we walked into the racecourse building, they announced over the loudspeakers that No.7 was the favourite in the next race. Ah ha...a sure sign. However, in every single race I diligently backed No 7 to win and in every single race No. 7 ran last, yes, I kid you not I really mean was hilarious. However, I perservered and in the penultimate race No 7 was a rank outsider, but I backed it nonetheless........It creamed the race and I won all my money back for the afternoon, paid for my lunch and still brought home a nice little was 28 to thanks Pete for the tip, it took a bit long to materialize but when it did it paid big time.

I am now really bushed and off to bed, to dream of "Sea Biscuit", "Sea Cottage" or any other famous horses!!!

Friday, 28 January 2011


With Lily starting school and being so far away from Wendy, Kristian and Lily at this exciting but heart wrenching time, has had me thinking quite a bit about my Mum. Not that she is actually ever really far from my thoughts, for although she has been gone for more than 17 years, her words of advice often ring in my ears.

Her one saying that I use during hard times is "this too shall pass"...I must google that to find out who coined the phrase, but it is just one of those that is really true. Unfortunately sometimes the hard times take a bit too long to pass us by !!!

The other is "money is for the use of"....I love this one most I think, as it means you must spend your money having fun, whether it is a little money you have to spare or a lot, just use it to have fun and perhaps buy yourself a little something to raise your spirits.

We have had a month of "using money" and it has been great fun. We had Dave and Flo staying with us for just over a month and we did some really different exploring around our beautiful Cape. I can recommend to anyone wanting a day out some of the new modern wine estates that we visited. Although modern the architecture was amazing the young gardens beautiful and the wine tasting superb. We went to Graham Beck on the way to Franschoek and to Grande Provance on the same route. We also visited Steenberg, which was most enjoyable and had lunch there at the Bistro which was exceptional.

We had a most enjoyable day going to Hermanus and on the way we stopped at Harry Porter's Botantical Garden...I felt like I had stepped into the Secret Garden as it is just so beautiful and I am itching to go back and revisit. Apparently it was competely washed away by the floods a few years ago, well you would not believe it when you see the vegetation and trees and plants that have grown in a few short years. The restaurant has been rebuilt and it positioned so that you can overlook the sea and the gardens at the same time and the food was delicious.

We still have good friends staying here from the UK and next Sunday we are going to the Winchester Mansions Jazz Brunch which is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. Janice and Bill have been once and loved it so much are going again and this time we will be joining them, so I will give you my verdict in the next post.

So thanks Mum....I am taking your advice and "using" our money!!! Hoping that you all get a chance to "use" some money this year and have some fun with your hard earned cash.

Sunday, 16 January 2011


It is hard to believe that our darling little Lily is starting school tomorrow. I remember like it was yesterday taking Wendy to Pre-school. Peter and I took her in a little green mini (why we had a green car I have no idea but that is a story for another time). We were all full of trepidation even though we knew the little school was so beautiful and she seemed to have a very nice teacher to go to. It is just the end of such a wonderful chapter where just one of those heart strings had to be cut...OUCH, boy it hurts. I came home and blubbed my eyes out like I know I will do tomorrow morning, together with her Mummy and Daddy, when Lily goes to school.

She is so ready for school. She is such a lovely bright and clever little girl and she needs the stimulation to help her grow into a wonderful young girl who will eventually contribute great things to our world in one way or another. I tell you what I cannot wait for her to write her first essays...they are going to be masterpieces as she can tell such wonderful stories now and she is only 4 years and 5 months old.

I just wish that I could be there tomorrow to hold Wendy's and Kristian's hands as they leave their little girl in the care of new teachers. They are going to feel it far more than Lily who is setting off on a wonderful adventure.

I have a wonderful Welsh friend whose grand-daughter went to school in Ireland, she phoned her a couple of days later to find out how it was going. The little girl told her granny that she did not think the teacher was very good and when asked why she thought that she told her gran "I have been there for three days now and I still cannot read"!!! Lets hope Lily's expectations are not quite so high!!

Thinking of all Daddies and Mummies whose children are starting school tomorrow. Lets hope they all settle in nicely and that those heart strings don't pull for too long.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


How does one "DOT" (Do one thing!). I cannot, I have tried but it is impossible for me anyway. I often run myself ragged but you know what, I do get it all done, and yes I am tired at the end of the day, but boy I sleep like a baby, except for my sore hips occasionally.

Anyway I have a busy week or two ahead of me because:

I am off to Sun City for 10 whole days...yipeeeeeee! The downside of this is that beforehand I have to have everything for work up to date, paid and sorted as we do not have a laptop, and actually in a way I am glad as would I really be on holiday? NO, I would be having to check the bank account each day, checking about car hire reservations, checking this and checking that, wereas now, we only have our cell phones and if I could be out of reach of everyone I would be more than happy!!!

I am in the throes of helping Andrew find an apartment, which is great fun, some places are the pits but I have found a couple of gems, so he will be moving out soon, which is really great for him, I just hope that we get to see him now and again as he works so hard and now has Sea Point Primi under his wing as well. I suppose I can skype him too if needs be ;)) Actually off to check out a couple more today and it absolutely bucketing down, so I hope I don't get washed away!!!

Anyway as I was saying, if I did practice DOT, I would not be going anywhere as all the stuff that has to be done before we leave on the 2nd of September would just not get done.

Monday, 16 August 2010


This is my cat, Harriet! She is a Peweter Chincilla and is, as you can see such a beautiful cat.

I was very spoilt by my children and got her for my birthday in 2000. She was six months old when I got her and she came from a breeder who had shown her a couple of times at cat shows. To say she was a scaredy cat is an understatement. It took about a month before she would let me really hold her for a while without her being as stiff as a board. Now she is placid unless there is a funny noise, then she nearly hits the ceiling and runs to hide. I am so glad she came to me as our home is peaceful and quiet and so she has become calm and less nervous.

She is my cat, so while I sit hear blogging this she virtually at my feet, as soon as I get into bed in the evening she is right up there next to me and sleeps on the bed with us. She is really my shadow when I am home and there is no greater comfort than having a cat lie next to you purring. Unconditional love at its best!!!
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Thursday, 12 August 2010